Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Venture and Big Brothers

I really only have ONE brother.  However, he and I share a best friend—Cody!  Cody lived with us for a while when he and I were in high school.  He looks like my real brother.  So, we “adopted” him.  He is my brother!!!  Anyways…. his wedding anniversary is coming up this weekend.  It’s May 18th.  He got married ONE day before MY 1st anniversary!  Isn’t that cool???


My real brother, Donnie, graduated yesterday!  He got to walk across the stage at his college and everything.  But, I’m the bad sister.  Sad smile  I had a meeting after work, so I didn’t get to go. 


I have decided that I want to write more.  Obviously, you all know that!  So, last night, I found a site that I can use to find freelance writing jobs.  I have officially bid on my first job!  It’s pretty scary, but I think that if I get a job or two, I will become more confident and start bidding/taking more jobs.  Some of them are to write book reviews (like I bid on), but some are to rewrite content.  I might try to get one of those too, but I only have 3 weeks left until summer break.  I might try to get those then. Smile  That would be great EXTRA money! Smile

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