Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Countdown Continues

WOW!  You know the old saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun?”  Well, I must have had a blast this year!  Today is the last TEACHING day for my kids.  Exams start tomorrow.


Between tomorrow and Monday, I will give all of the exams I am giving.  Then the grading starts, but still….. WOW!  By Tuesday of next week, I will have finished all of my grades for kids.  I will not have any paperwork for the kids left to do!


After Monday,  I have many kids that I will not see again.  Those that I do see will be watching a movie.  I really only have 3 more 90 minute classes to teach. 


Then…..  it’s over!


The Princess is taking her exams yesterday and today.  She won’t get the results back until October! Sad smile WOW!  That’s FOREVER!


I’m taking the paperwork to her new school today.  (I just need to get 2 things from her doctor and everything will be in!)


Countdown----  1 teaching day, 6 exam days= 7 school days!!!

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