Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cell Phone Blues

I have the worst time with cell phones.  Not the service.  The phone!


I love L O V E love Verizon. Rarely do I have a place that I don’t have service.  I can call all my family and most of my friends without using any minutes.  I never use all of the data I have.  In a few years, when it’s time to add the Princess (like 7th grade if she plays softball at school—9th or 10th if she doesn’t) my bill won’t go up!


Now…to my phone.  I had the Droid Merge.  There were only a few hundred of them made.  They were sent to Verizon distributors, but not the Verizon stores.  BTW…did you know that every Verizon store is not a Verizon store.  Some of them are through a different company and can get you better deals on plans and phones. Smile  We have a couple like that here in town….that’s how I got the Merge.


The first one I had stopped working.  I couldn’t make calls because the screen wouldn’t stay on.  I couldn’t hear through the speaker.  I would call someone.  When I hoped they had answered, I would start saying, “I can’t hear you.  Please hang up and call me right back so my phone will work.”  They would call me, and we could talk. Smile  Weird…right?  Anyways….had to do that for a couple of weeks.


Then the second one came.  Yes, I’m hard on a phone, but still.  I have dropped it.  The Princess dropped it.  There is a chance that it was tossed out of a moving car window….but it still worked! Smile 


Earlier this week, I ordered my new phone—Samsung Galaxy SIII.  I’m excited!  Smile 


It was supposed to ship on Monday.  It didn’t.  It shipped yesterday.  Which means that I wouldn’t have it until Friday….when I’m NOT home to get it!  Sad smile So my dad who just upgraded to the Droid DNA told me I could use his RAZR that he just stopped using.  So we took it last night to have everything changed from my phone to the RAZR.


Here are the things that are wrong with my phone:

1. It doesn’t charge.  We even tried a different battery.   I think there is a short in it. 

2. It won’t stay on. (See #1)

3. It has no On/Off button (from being dropped one too many times) so even when it is plugged up, you have to use a pen/pin/toothpick to get it to come on.

4. Unless the charger is plugged in just right (and you are praying hard enough) it won’t stay on long when you do get it to come on.

5. It doesn’t take pictures.

6. You have to slide it to the keyboard to get the main screen to light up…if you can get the phone to come on.

7. It doesn’t do videos.

8. It randomly turns itself off…. while sitting on the car seat, in a cup holder, while you’re on the phone talking. (This was BEFORE the whole “it doesn’t come on” thing!)

9. I can’t add people to my contacts because my contacts won’t open. Smile 

Ok…. I think that’s enough. 


Anyways…. last night.  We take it to transfer everything to my dad’s old phone… my phone for the weekend.  It turns out that my phone ate my pictures!  Yes!  Ate them!  Deleted them!  Whatever word you want to use there!


I sat in the store with tears rolling down my face (like they are now).  Some of those pics can’t be replaced.  I had some of the Princess with both of my Grandmothers (who have both passed on) on there.  I had videos of the Princess with both of them.  I had pics that can’t even remotely be replaced. 


The guy in the store asked if I was okay as the tears fell to the floor.  I asked him how he would feel if his phone ate his pictures.  I asked him what his reaction would be if he couldn’t replace pictures because the people were gone.  He said he would probably cry too.  Tony tried to get me to calm down.  However….  I am so mad (at myself for not just using my camera) and upset that I really just want to throw my phone in the ocean this weekend! Smile 


However… I have a RAZR for the weekend.  My SIII will be here when I get back.  I hope to get a really pretty (but sturdy) cover for it so that I can keep it a little longer! Smile 


For now…. I’m going to get finished with the laundry so I can finish packing.  I’m going to wake the Princess up and take her to the library—summer reading program.  (She will log serious hours in the car going to Hilton Head tonight/tomorrow!)  I’m going to take her to Wal-Mart to pick out a cover-up for her swimsuit.  She’s growing up so fast…the cutesy ones from the kids’ dept don’t work for her any more.  Smile 


Then…. either tonight or tomorrow….  we are heading out to Hilton Head for the weekend.  I will try to write while I’m there, but I know I will put it all on here when I get back! 

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