Monday, June 17, 2013

Father’s Day

So…I’m a day late on Father’s Day.  But….that’s because I was with my Father! Smile 


There is a running joke in our family.  I have an older brother and a younger sister.  We tell everyone that Donnie is the favorite.  DUH!  We all know that!  Then Lisa and I “fight” for favorite daughter. 


Since I do a lot of stuff for my parents, more than my siblings, I tell them I know I’m the favorite.  I don’t do it because I want the attention.  I do it because I know they need the help.  I get a couple extra drinks at the store and take them over because I know my parents can’t carry them.  Mom’s knees are bad, and Dad is on a walker. (But…that’s a different story!)


So yesterday I posted on Facebook a Happy Father’s Day message to my dad and said it was from his “Favorite” daughter.  One of my friends accused me of trying to start a fight in the family.  I had to explain that it was all a big joke. Smile  Of course, she accused me of being the ONLY daughter too….. but…..  nope…. not me. Smile 



Yesterday, we went to church.  We went out to eat with my parents.  We came home.  We went grocery shopping, brought groceries home. We went to my parents’ house—with my brother, his wife, and their 5 kids, my sister, her niece (through marriage), and the two kids she is keeping (one is her foster child; the other one she nannies!).  There were 16 or 17 of us there last night.  My bro-in-law didn’t feel well, so he hung out at home.


Anyways…. yesterday was one of those fun-filled, busy days! 


Today, I took Dad to have his hearing aid fixed…… that’s a different story too. Smile  We got Tony a new weed eater and blower for Father’s Day.  Smile  (I’m a day late on gifts too.  I just hope he doesn’t get made at me…..since we are vacationing this weekend.)  I guess I will find out if he ever gets off work and gets home. Smile

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