Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting the Van Fixed

So I know I still haven’t posted pics of the new van yet.  I promise… I will.  Actually, they will probably be posted with the stuff about Hilton Head because I always take pics of everything once it’s loaded!! Winking smile 


Anyways….when we got the van, the Kia place did a “We Owe” saying they would fix a huge scratch on the side.  We took it up.  They fixed it, but not good enough.  They didn’t sand it down.  They just painted over it.


We have been trying for two months to get the rain to cooperate with us.  Now…  I am going to take it up to the Kia place today.  They are going to paint it tomorrow.  Hopefully they will do it right.  If not….well…. it won’t be pretty…..for them!!!!


My mommy is going to follow me to the Kia place and bring me home.  I love living so close to my family.  (Shhh….just don’t tell them!!)  Some days it’s a pain, but other days…..well…. it’s a blessing! Smile

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