Thursday, June 13, 2013

Girl Scout Awards Day

Tonight, we have awards for Girl Scouts. 


Right now, I’m trying to write an article or two, but I’m having a hard time writing these.  I am wondering if I should just tell this guy that I am going to look for other things to write.  I can’t find information for the stuff….so I can’t write what he wants written.


Plus….I emailed him to ask questions about a couple of the articles, but I haven’t gotten a response.  Some of the articles are the same names—almost. 


For example:

Girl Scout Award

Girl Scout Awards


See?  I don’t know how to write two articles about that!  They are the same thing…. I just need to know what he wants me to do.  The articles are due tomorrow.  I get so stressed out!!!  I’m sure he will answer… I just have to patient! 


As for the awards, the girls are getting all their cookie prizes…. patches…..badges….and gifts tonight!  I have two girls who are bridging!  I have 4 who should be there tonight for their awards! 


I’m excited.  Last meeting for the year!  No meetings until August!  Sad smile Smile  Sad, but glad!


Next Thursday night, I will be getting ready to leave Friday morning for Hilton Head!  Never been! Kind of excited! 

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Lynne said...

Hi Leslie, Good luck with your articles. I was wondering if he accidentally posted his request twice in a row, lol. Hope you'll write about how Hilton Head goes. Someday I'd like to visit.