Saturday, June 15, 2013

Good Night---Good Morning

I guess I technically did not write on Friday. Sad smile  I’m trying not to slip into the habit of not writing.  It keeps my mind clear even if I feel like I am writing the same things every day.


I just (like 20 minutes ago) finished the articles.  He decided to only have me write 15 instead of 20 since some of the titles were so close to the same.  That worked out well.  Smile  Pay was lowered, of course, but I can live with that.


In just a few short hours, we are going to watch the Princess play in the championship game.  I can’t believe it’s a week later than it was supposed to be. 


Right now, I’m saying “good night” because I’m going to bed.  But… I should be saying “Good morning” because it is after midnight. 


So….Good TIMES!! Smile  I’m going to bed and will hopefully have something wonderful to write about tomorrow.

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