Friday, June 28, 2013

Writing—My Way

For the past week, I have been trying really hard to get writing jobs.  I have already (in two jobs) made over $100 writing!  I’m excited about it.  (Most of that work was completed in two weeks, but few hours!)


Today, I put in bids for several jobs.  I was the first bid on one job.  And… I got it.  The cool thing about it???  I get to write about what I want to.  Right now, the first four articles have to deal with technology.


What does any good teacher do?  Go straight for the classroom—iPads in the classroom and  online/distance education. Those are the first two.  The other two will be dealing with “tech tantrums” and the technology of hearing.  Those are things I know and I can do minimal research about.  I also found 3-4 other topics I am planning to use for my next set, if I get technology again. Smile 


I have to have two of them done today and the other two my Monday.  I should have them all finished this weekend.  However…. I’m hungry right now. Smile 


I haven’t eaten since 10am…and it’s 3:45pm.  (I have gotten into a bad habit of doing other stuff and not eating until my head is killing me and making me sick!) 


I still don’t have my van back.  If they don’t call soon, I won’t get it today.  The rental place closes at 6pm.  So I have to have time to get there first!  So they can take me to the dealership to get my van!


Now what?  I’m going downstairs to eat something!  Then I’m going to get ready for Tony to get home.  I’m going to work on my articles some more.  I am going to…..hmmm…. I have no idea what else I have to do! Smile

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