Thursday, July 25, 2013

Early Mornings…Late Nights

Wow! So I have to get used to getting up early again! I am SO not a morning person!


For the past two days, I have gotten up early for a class I have to take for work. You know “they” (whoever that is) say that teachers are continuous, lifelong learners. That’s true! It’s especially true when they REQUIRE classes.


This class has a two-day component over the summer. Then there are three days during the school year. They will be in September…right after school starts.  My kids are going to LOVE that I am not there! Smile  I promise to leave LOTS of work to be completed.  Smile 


Anyways…. I have also had some other work to take care of while in the evenings.


Last night we went for the Meet and Greet of the new principal for the Princess’s new school. The Princess seems to like her. I will take some time to get to know her. No snap judgments. (It could all be a show!) 


Tonight, the Princess has a try-out for a softball team. We will see how that goes. If she makes the team, she will have two practices a week, and she will travel to games (mostly neighboring cities) on the weekends.


For now, I’m going to try to stay awake so that I can get to work and get this class over with.

2 Comments from my friends:

Phyllis said...

I've nominated you for an award at my blog

S.I.F. said...

Oh softball! So fun! I miss being on sports teams when I was young!