Wednesday, July 31, 2013

End of the Month—End of Vacation

On Saturday, we packed up our stuff and my parents’ stuff and headed to Myrtle Beach.


When we arrived, we discovered that the place we had rented was NOTHING like they described it on the internet, so we ended up repacking the car and getting the rental place to give us a different place.


It was nicer, but still not what was explained on the internet.


There was no internet access, so I had to use the hot spot on my phone. That lead to my internet freezing up.


Today, we packed everything up and came back home. Now I need a vacation from my vacation! Smile 


There will be pics of vacation soon.


Right now, I have to catch up some writing…since there was no internet and I couldn’t get anything done there. 


And… I need to get some rest. Vacations are the worst for making you tired.  Right?

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