Saturday, July 13, 2013

It’s Uniform Day!

Today, we have to go try-on and order school uniforms for the Princess.  There are still a few weeks of summer vacation left, but if we don’t order by Monday, we aren’t guaranteed to get them before school starts. 


Drawbacks to these uniforms:

1. Price—I am going to spend a couple hundred dollars today. Sad smile

2. Location—I have to drive almost an hour away for the Princess to try on the uniforms and to order them.  Then when they come in, I have to scoot back up there to pick them up.  (Not loving this!)

3. Timing—We are supposed to go on vacation with my parents (and siblings and their families) in two weeks.  I could use this money then for that!


Anyways, I guess I can just stop complaining.  Nothing is going to change about it.  I just wish these things were different.  Actually, I’m hoping that before it is all said and done the school will find a store with a more central location for uniform purchasing, but if not….. let’s hope the Princess doesn’t outgrow these any time soon!   LOL  Right?

1 Comments from my friends:

Phyllis said...

You should try to coordinate a consignment sale for area schools with uniforms. It could be held each July or August and families could save tons. And, unless uniforms have changed since I was in private school, they last forever.