Monday, July 8, 2013

Longer than I Planned

Have you ever started something and thought “Oh, this won’t take long”?  Then it takes you 500X longer?


I did that today.  I have a TO DO LIST with 10 things on it.  I have only completed 3 because #4 took forever.  I had 3 review articles to write.  I started one of them at 1pm.  I finally finished it at 5:45pm.  Really over FOUR hours?  I submitted it to make sure it is what the client wants. 


Now I have an article to edit…so I can get paid (#5 on the list).


Two more articles to write TONIGHT!  (#10)


Good thing I can do the list out of order like that! Smile 


I really need to figure out how long things are going to take when  I do them! Smile

1 Comments from my friends:

S.I.F. said...

I live and breathe by my list, but sometimes... your list just takes WAY longer to complete than you thought it would! Sorry about that! ;)