Monday, July 22, 2013

The Important Things in Life

Friday, I wrote about 1500 words.

Saturday, I wrote about 2000 words.

Sunday,  I wrote over 3000 words.

But none of those words were as important as the ones my mom said on Sunday morning.


Recently, Tony, the Princess, and I have been on a “church tour” as my bloggy friend from over at Single Infertile Female calls it. I like that better than the term “church hopping” that my parents use. And, “church shopping” just sounds wrong.


So anyways, we aren’t going to church with my parents any more. This is a huge deal for me. I have always gone to church with my parents, except when I first got married and didn’t live close enough. We had been at this church for 10 years. We started attending in June 2003, and we left in June 2013.


So, I don’t get to see my parents at church, but we usually see them for lunch afterwards. Yesterday, mom called about 8:30am and said that a friend of ours, Todd, was in the hospital. He and his wife and their two sons are on vacation about 13 hours away. He has a history of seizures, but nothing like the ones he is currently having.


Last night, we received word that he was put on a ventilator because he can’t control his airway when he seizes. So he is in ICU right now.


Before church, because it was not my story to tell, I asked my Facebook friends to pray. I told them I had a friend who was seriously ill.


When Audrey, Todd’s wife, posted it online last night, I did too. I put all the information I had out there. Asking friends to continue to pray.


The best part about this is that they are surrounded by family. That is why they are on vacation where they are. They went to visit family. I think there are some siblings for each of them there. So, that is great.


The worst part, other than the fact that he is in ICU sick, is that they are so far away. They are like family to us. My sister is the nanny to the boys (the younger one now more than the older one), and they are so far away. We can’t help her with them.


When things like this happen, it really makes every thing else seem so small. I could write all the words in the world, but they wouldn’t have the meaning that the words my mom said yesterday did. Knowing that a friend is sick, and in this condition, tends to put everything in perspective. We start watching what words we say so that we don’t hurt the people we love.


Maybe we should live every day like that so that we don’t have to “hurry” to say something when something bad happens.


(My brain is on overload right now. I am really not sure if any of my ramblings in this post make sense. They make sense to me, but may not to anyone else today.)

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