Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Catching Up….Again!

I haven’t written in a few days again. I really hope that when I get back to work next week, I will get back to writing here every day.


Yes! I go back to work next week. I’m excited and scared. It’s the same thing I did last year at the same school. I’m not scared, just anxious. New kids. New co-workers. New boss. Smile 


I have open house at for my kids on Thursday evening. The Princess has Open House at her new school next Thursday also. We are going to have to work that one out. Smile 


Monday and Tuesday of this week, I did not feel well. I was so dizzy on Monday that I had to have the Princess to take care of me. I slept for almost 2 hours and felt better. Tuesday I felt much better….just a little residual dizziness. It happens sometimes. I’m afraid to tell my doc because the meds they are suggesting will take me away from driving for 6 months. That means that I won’t be able to get to work. Sad smile  That’s not good. 


I have gotten into a pace with my writing. Now….it’s time to go back to work and mess up the schedule again!  lol  ‘Tis life! Smile  I don’t know if I will be able to keep both clients when I go back or not, but I am going to try to keep the one that pays the highest….for sure.  (Logical…right?)


I am STILL working to play our Labor Day weekend trip to Boone so we can go to Tweetsie. We love going.


We are playing softball for the same league this year as we have in the past. Our team for the fall is the Demon Deacons! Those of you who know me know how excited I am about the colors!!!  BLACK AND GOLD!!! 


For today, I am resting….. yeah right!


Tomorrow I am going to put out flyers (fliers?) for the daycare where my mom is the director. They are losing kids to kindergarten and need new ones. Smile  So…… I’m the advertising committee! LOL 


Other than that….we have nothing until Saturday when the Princess has her bday party! Sunday is her bday! Smile

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