Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School (Post #600)

This is my 600th post. I have been waiting for the right thing to write, and I think this is it!


Today, the Princess starts at a brand new school. She has her backpack and supplies all ready. Her uniforms are laid out and waiting. She is always excited about school, but this year it seems even more so.


She’s going into the 5th grade. Like I said, it’s a BRAND NEW school. They just finished building it in July. The teachers are still working to make the rooms perfect….even yesterday! 


I am heading into a new school year. I am excited for the things that await me this year. In reality, I only have plans for today finished. I worked really hard on everything else this past week, and I attended a million and one meetings (or so it seems)! So, today during my planning period, I will be PLANNING!  I’m glad to be at a school that will allow me to do that. Other schools have things for the teachers to do every day during their planning periods.


Because of our busy schedules and the fact that I have no time in mine right now, I gave up my writing positions. Sad smile I have one where I am “on call” but other than that, I am not writing now. Hopefully I will get to do it again starting at Spring Break.  That would be great! I might get small jobs through the year.


Our schedule does look pretty packed:

Mondays—Softball with the Princess

Tuesdays—nothing right now, but Tony and I may be playing for a church league softball team

Wednesdays—nothing right now

Thursdays—Girl Scouts (starting in a couple weeks) and church softball

Fridays—high school football games! (school to watch will vary depending on the opponent!)

Saturdays—Softball with the Princess; house work; laundry; sleeping! (LOL)

Sunday—church; recharge for the week.


See? I told you it was busy! We have had worse. We have had better. Right now, this is a good schedule for us!


I hope that all students and teachers have a blessed year! I pray that God will keep us all safe as we enter into the classrooms to teach and learn.

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Lynne said...

Sounds like you are busy, and planning will be a key to success. Hope you have a wonderful day.