Monday, September 9, 2013

School Week #3!

We are starting to settle into our routine over here. 

Today we have softball practice. I hope the girls saw on Saturday how important practice is. They won because of the things that the coaches taught them on Monday night. Smile 


Tomorrow I don’t think we have anything.


Wednesday, I have a Girl Scout recruitment. I need a few more girls for the troop so that we can do activities and stuff. 


Thursday and Friday I have training at work. I have to get my sub plans together. These are days #3 and #4 of 5 training days I have to do. Day #5 is next Thursday! Smile  So I will only see my kids for 3 days this week, 4 days next week, and 4 days the next. (I am supposed to have another training on Sept. 25th!)  Required trainings that are interesting are not bad. I just wish we could have spaced them all out instead of putting most of them in a 3 week period at the beginning of the semester/year!  LOL  But… we are hoping to get the same sub for every time, so there will be some continuity. 


Friday, I have to work the gate at the football game. My alma mater is playing my work school. Last year, my work school beat my alma mater. This year, it could be anyone’s game. They are both rebuilding because so many seniors graduated last year. We shall see! Smile 


Saturday, we have a double header in softball. Luckily, it is the only one that is on the schedule. So, we shouldn’t have to do it again this season!  I got a little red at the games on Saturday, and I was under a canopy/pop up tent most of the day!  I have raccoon eyes! LOL 


Sunday we have church! Smile  (That was easy!)


I hope that nothing unexpected comes up this week. It is FULL already!

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