Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ever Heard of BING Rewards?

Note: BING has no idea I’m writing this. This is something I heard about and wanted to share. However, if BING wants to find me and give me extra BING rewards credits…. I’m not opposed! Smile 


As one of the fundraisers for the Princess’s school, they are doing BING rewards. All I had to do was sign up. It’s FREE!  Then, instead of using Google or anything else to search with, I use BING. For every 2 searches, I get a credit. Once I get so many credits, I can “cash" them in. We are working toward new technology at the school, so we have to save a fair amount of points.


However…. yesterday, just for signing up, searching throughout the day, and sending an email to invite a few friends, I earned 50 credits.


If you want to sign up (and don’t mind helping me out), let me know and I will send you the referral link.

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