Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

I hope that everyone is having a great Halloween…or at least plans to!


Tonight, my Princess and my sister’s oldest foster daughter are going to be handing out candy to ghouls and goblins. The only thing I don’t like about our house (other than it’s hard to get up the stairs when I am exhausted at night…lol) is that we don’t have a storm door. So, tonight, when the “creatures” come, we have to open the entire house to them.


I am going to be working on invitations for my parents’ party. I still don’t have them made. Actually, the only one that is completely assembled is the one we used to invite Mom and Dad to the party! Smile 


At school today, the Princess is going to be Sadie from The Kane Chronicles. Since she attends a “uniform school,” she has to pay $1 to get to dress in anything other than the uniform. Yesterday was “Think Pink” day for Breast Cancer Awareness. The $1 went to cancer research!


Today, the $1 goes to the school as a fundraiser.  They do something each Friday so that they don’t have to wear uniforms EVERY day!


Tonight, though, she is going to be Robin Girl (from Batman and Robin).  We found the cute shirt that has a cape attached at Wal-Mart. Then she put black leggings with it and boots. I think she looks great! 


Of course, I’ll have pictures of both costumes… and home to share.  We all know how bad I am about actually sharing those though!

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Lynne said...

We used to do something similar for work for fund raisers, during football season. We were charged $5 to wear our favorite jersey and jeans. Of course, the boss said if you have a meeting you have to change back to work attire. I hate Friday meetings, lol.