Friday, October 11, 2013


I have a writing assignment due today. It’s about my career. When it is posted online, I will let you know. Smile 


Today is “Favorite NFL Team” day at the Princess’s school.  I had to get her a shirt. It matches one that Tony got for Christmas. Now, they have two shirts that are exactly the same. They dress alike without even knowing it!  lol 


I finished reading another book yesterday. If you get a chance, read The Invention of Hugo Cabret. It’s an easy read because much of the story is told in pictures, but it is a great story. 


I’m so tired. I feel like I never get any sleep.


Last night we had 11 girls at Girl Scouts again. That STILL wasn’t everyone!


I’m supposed to go scrapbook tonight, but I’m sure I won’t make it. Tony has been getting home late all week. Then I’d have to leave early to get home to sleep so that I can have a 6am alarm tomorrow morning. (These double headers are killing me!)  BUT….no game next weekend. I get to sleep in!


Lots of stuff going on…. just trying to get it all done.

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