Thursday, October 17, 2013

Winding Down the Week (and a Request)

Note: I love alliteration. Don’t you?

I have finished all my afterschool meetings with adults for the week….well, almost.


Today, I have a Multicultural Club meeting. (I hope a lot of kids show up!)


Tonight is Girl Scouts. We have had 11 every week so far. I hope we keep a large group! It’s easier to do things with them if we have a huge group.


Tomorrow I have training after work. The kids get out at 10:30. Then the teachers are required to work until 3pm because we have training. 


Monday is a Teacher Workday. If I can get most of my projects that the kids turned in this week graded today and tomorrow, I don’t think I’m going to work on Monday. (I could bring them home…..that way I’m not going INTO work!)


Here is my request.  And…. it’s random. 

I have found a way to earn credit towards technology for schools. Every school is looking for free ways to get things into the classroom. So….  did you know that if you search with BING instead of Google, Yahoo, or whatever you use that you can earn points?  It’s called BING Rewards. If schools get the word out and parents do this, you can earn at least 16 credits a day. (I know, it doesn’t sound like much.  However, if 60 parents do that for a month, then the school gets a Surface Tablet.  If 125 parents do it for the year, then BING can supply a classroom with tablets!) I started doing this on Oct. 1st, and I have already earned 275 credits…..and I didn’t search every day.


I said all that to say this. If I refer friends to the program, I get points for each person that signs up. Here is the link:


If you do it, please let me know so I can check for the credit. Plus… you’ll get bonus points just for signing up. Best of all….. it’s FREE!!!! 


Ok…  request finished.


Have a great Thursday!

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