Sunday, October 20, 2013


We did a lot of NOTHING yesterday! Smile  It was nice.


There was no softball for us.  So we didn’t have to get up AS early!


Tony is still working weekends. This is the 4th one….I think. I lost count. He has until the beginning of Nov. to work every weekend. Sad smile


The Princess and I went to check out a couple of locations for a party we are helping to plan. One place is fabulous, bring in your own food and everything. The other place is pretty, but in order to be there you must use their catering service.  (From what I have heard, their caterers charge the equivalent of a small down payment on a house for the number of people we are going to be serving that night.)  So….  we are still looking, but we need to get something nailed down soon! 


300-400 people is A LOT, but it will be worth it when it all comes together!

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Lynne said...

Hi Leslie, I know around here folks will use the VFW lodges or fire houses. Hope you find a place soon, they seem to fill up quickly right when you need them the most.