Friday, November 15, 2013

Day #15 and Saying Goodbye

Day 15—I’m thankful for teachers. There is a saying that “Teachers teach all the other professions.” Think about it. It’s true. Most things that people learn for their jobs come from teachers. I’ve had good ones, bad ones, and GREAT ones. The Princess has too. I’m thankful for the people who sacrifice to be teachers.


Yesterday, we learned that The Princess’s teacher is leaving. She is supposed to call every student’s home to speak with the parents about it. When I first got the information, I was furious. I’m still mad. But, I have been given more information that tells me that she is doing the right thing, but I can’t bring myself to think that she couldn’t have waited until Christmas or the end of the year to do it.


Either way, the Princess will be saying goodbye to her teacher today. They are still working to hire a new teacher. Someone will fill in until a replacement is hired.

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