Monday, November 18, 2013

Operation Christmas Child, Days 17 & 18, Randomness

Day 17—Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. So, naturally, I wrote that I am thankful for mom. She puts up with me even when she probably shouldn’t.


Day 18—I’m thankful for my computers. My computers keep me in contact with people I probably would have lost a long time ago. I have friends/family who live far away. Since no one has time to sit and write 20 handwritten letters a month to people who are not near you, it’s so nice to have computers that can help you.  I love sending emails, tweets, and Facebook messages to friends/family just to say “hi”.


Operation Christmas Child is something we have done every year since the Princess was born.  We do boxes for girls who are about the same age as the Princess. So, this year…. we saved our actual shoe boxes from shoes we have purchased throughout the year. We had 6 boxes between the three of us. So last night, we got 4 plastic shoe boxes to go with it. I have three that are pretty big, so I need to get some other things to go in it, but the others are all pretty full.  I just can’t believe we completed 10 as a family!  That rocks, if you ask me! 


We will be turning those in tomorrow to our Chiropractor. The Princess has a standing appointment on Tuesdays. They really help with getting her aligned so that she doesn’t have ear infections all the time.


The last ear infection that the Princess had was the last week of July. She started going to the chiropractor the first week of August. Until November 9th, she did not have an ear infection. This is BIG NEWS! She normally has one every 4-5 weeks. So we had planned to call the ENT on Nov. 11th to schedule the surgery….BUT…..she infected (lol that sounds funny) on Nov. 9th. Sad smile  Now we have to wait another 3 months to be infection free. Sad smile

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