Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap

I’m a little behind on here posting my “Thankfuls”.  I have them all on Facebook though. 


Yesterday, we went to Mom and Dad’s house around noon. We were supposed to eat at 1pm, but someone ALWAYS has to be late! lol  This year it was my sister.


We had about 20 people at the house.  It was crazy.  After lunch, the guys all crowded into the living room to watch football!  Sad smile  Smile  My sister-in-law took a nap. My sister laid down with her two babies (foster daughters) to get them to sleep.  Mom and I worked on sewing things that the Girl Scouts are going to sell next weekend. 


Then…once everyone finally woke up, we finished discussions for Mom and Dad’s anniversary party. The party is tomorrow. I’m just hoping I can get everything I need done by then so that I can get some sleep!  I need REST!  But….  I’m thinking I won’t get any of that until January!

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