Saturday, November 16, 2013

Trainings, Stress, and Thankfulness (Day 16)

Thursday, I spent the entire day in training. Because of the class that I teach, there are special trainings I have to attend for strategies to teach the students. I could probably do it without the trainings, but for the school district to “allow” me to do it, I have to be trained.  (But…they pay for the training, materials, and my time!)


Obviously, I had a sub on Thursday. I got to my room yesterday only to realize that all my desks had been moved. They were no longer in the cool zig zag pattern my overly excited brain had designed.  No! They were in boring rows. ARGH!!!


I asked all three of my classes if they had moved them. When I got to 4th period (my 3rd class), I was informed by several students that the substitute said that my desk design was “bothering” her and she didn’t want it to “bug” her any more. So…. she rearranged my room! She also didn’t give the students all the assignments because she “talked to them”. (She left a note to that effect.) She also went through my desk to find pens, pencils, and Post-It notes. I left all that out on the desk for her. (She obviously didn’t like the colors.  She took out all the pink stuff to actually use!)


I reported it and hopefully, I won’t have her again!



Day 16: I am thankful for my family. As a whole, we are loving, supportive, and awesome. Today, we are getting together to celebrate mom’s bday. It’s tomorrow, but we are getting together today. It’s pretty cool. Dad, Mom, Donnie, Lisa, and I all live within miles of each other and where our family started. The only thing is we need to work on getting our other “brother” (Cody) back home too.


And Stress:

Let’s see….why do I have stress?

Today—Mom’s Bday dinner

Next Sat—Christmas parade #1

30th—Huge Anniversary Party

Dec 7th—Christmas Festival with Girl Scouts.

Dec. 14th—Christmas parade #2 (this time with Girl Scouts)

Dec. 21—Might get some Cmas shopping completed

Dec. 28th—hope to be hanging with the family in Gatlinburg, TN

Jan 2—Cmas break is over…time to go back to work.


I have so much stuff to do. No time to do it. Then…. I found out yesterday that the Princess is supposed to be in the MIDDLE of her Science Project. We haven’t even started. 


Oh yeah….one other thing. Yesterday was her teacher’s last day at work. She left. Sad smile So, the Princess is very upset. AND…..they are getting a sub until they can find a replacement teacher. Sad smile Then they are HOPING that the new teacher will start in Jan. Smile 


Today is filled with Thankfulness and Stress.  I need a nap!  lol

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