Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Getting Back on Track

I haven’t written in what seems like forever.  In reality, it’s only been a little more than a week….but….seriously….  what can happen in a week?


Nov. 30th—Mom and Dad’s party went over really well.  I’m waiting for the photographer to get me the pics.  I’m excited to see them.


Dec. 7th—My Girl Scout troop won first place for decorations at the local Christmas Festival.  It was exciting. We have tried for 4 years.  Next year, everyone will be trying to beat us! Smile  I think my parents are already working on an idea, but I’m not sure.


We have 9 school days until Christmas break. Friday, Dec. 20th is our last day until 2014. We have 16 school days until exams start. We have 21 school days until the new semester starts.  That means I only have 21 days with the kids I have currently. Then I have to “train” a new set of kids to do things the way I want them done! Smile 


The best part about being a high school teacher is that I get new kids every 18 weeks.  The worst part about being a high school teacher is that I get new kids every 18 weeks.  You never know how they are going to react to you. You never know how they will behave, in general.  Sometimes…. it’s best to just pray really hard that they listen and learn everything you have to tell them.  Smile


This weekend, we have the local Christmas parade. My girls will be in it.  They are hoping to win this contest too.  If we do, it’s $250 for the troop to use.  We won $100 for the Christmas festival contest! 


Just because I like countdowns….. there are only 14 shopping days, 15 total days (counting today) until Christmas!!! 

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