Thursday, January 30, 2014

Complaining Friends

Many of my friends are complaining because their kids are home today for another “Snow Day” although the snow has mostly melted. They are upset that all the roads on their way to school are clear.  So… I got a little tired of it.  I stepped up on my soapbox.  Here is what I posted on Facebook about the situation!

I typically try to stay away from topics that cause a lot of complaints and arguing from my friends. But... if you are complaining that your children are home with you today because schools are closed LISTEN UP!

You are NOT the only person with a child in the school. (This applies to other situations as well, but really for delays and cancellations!)
Your road is NOT the only road that bus drivers and parents drive on to get to the school. Just because YOUR road is clear does not mean that every road in the county is passable.
The teachers are NOT thrilled about Saturday school either. Trust me; we like to sleep in the few days that we can. Saturdays and Sundays are usually those days.
The county has NO control over how quickly the roads will clear. That is up to God and the NCDOT. Unless you want to drive all the little country roads in the county and clear them yourself, stop complaining.
Be thankful that you live in a county that takes the safety of your child very seriously.
Be thankful that your child is at home with you and did not have to sleep at school for a night.
Be thankful that you have the choice of keeping your kid at home or sending him/her to school on Saturday. If you don't want your kid to go, them keep him/her at home.
Now.... I'm stepping off my soapbox. You may begin the complaints again!



Many people have “liked” it.  A few have commented “amens” on it.  I’m just waiting for the ones who have complaints to step up and argue it.  I’m so over all the drama because of everything. 


Why do people complain just because “my kids don’t have school” or “she looked at me” or “I don’t like (this/that)”?  Just do what you have to do and get over it!  Right? 

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