Monday, January 6, 2014

Considering My Options

A friend of mine (actually a few friends of mine) are ZUMBA instructors. A couple of them are local. I have been considering trying this for a while, but it makes me nervous.  I can’t dance!  I know…it’s about fun and exercising and getting moving. But…. I can NOT dance!  Hmmmmm……


So… one of those same friends is also into yoga. She does Yin Yoga. She posted a few videos on her blog. I’m seriously considering trying those at home. Yoga scares me too.  I’m terrible with balance now that I have inner ear issues.  Plus, with my knees and back the way they are, I can’t stand up for very long. I think that Yoga could possibly help with some of my pain. However, I have not done any research to prove that.  (Those are just my thoughts!) Yin Yoga is completely (or almost completely) on the floor. It doesn’t require the balance (and acrobatic) skills that you see on TV—at least from what my friend has shared.


Have you tried ZUMBA or YOGA? If so, what were your thoughts?

2 Comments from my friends:

Lynne said...

I can't dance well either, but I loved Zumba! I actually bought the dvd set and since you brought it up, I know I need to start using them. I have never tried Yoga. If you have trouble with joints, etc., you may want to consider water yoga or zumba. It would be less stressful to the joints.

Sues said...

Every Zumba instructor is different, but honestly, I don't care if people in my classes get one single step "right". As long as you are moving & smiling, you're perfect!!! The end. Zumba is NOT a dance technique class, so the exact moves truly don't matter. What matters is showing up, moving to your own groove, and enjoying it! :-)
Re: yoga - seriously, try Yin. Having it all be lying down is easier on your body & encourages overall proper alignment. The stretches are slow, but each time you do them & BREATHE into them, you can go a little deeper, a little deeper, a little deeper. I'm a dance teacher...and I couldn't touch my toes until Yin. After a few months, it was amazing how my body responded. Plus, the relaxation factor is priceless. Be encouraged!!! And don't overthink. Just do it. :-)