Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Semester and Back to Normal

Today is the first day of 2nd semester! I get all new kids.  This semester, I have 10th graders!  I’m a little excited! Smile  This means we are in the countdown until Spring Break.  After Spring Break is the countdown until the end of  the year! Smile  Only 90 days of school left for the year!


Today is the day Tony and I get to start eating normally again.  For the past 21 days, beginning on Jan. 1st, we were participating in the Daniel Fast that our church was doing.  It was hard at times. It was very interesting at times.  Sometimes you just want to quick because you want a burger! 


The Daniel Fast is part of the reason I haven’t written anything in a while.  I totally believe that you should not broadcast what you are doing for God.  I’m not broadcasting it now.  I’m saying that we did it; it’s over. We can eat normally. 


We are planning a trip to Golden Corral for supper tonight! Smile

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Lynne said...

I have heard of it, and our Pastor's son and wife did it. I like your attitude. God bless.