Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day

So far, the 2nd semester has been great.  We had a three day week last week. Monday was MLK, Jr. Day (no school). Tuesday was a teacher workday (no school). So we went to school on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday,  but one of those days we had a 2 hour delay because the temperature was going to be around 10-12 degrees. They didn’t want the kids standing at the bus stops in those temps and they were afraid that the buses might not start correctly. 


NOTE: Remember….I live in the South.  Snow is a rare, exciting event in our lives!


We went to school Monday—normal day. Tuesday we arrive at school only to stay for 3 hours because there is a THREAT of snow. That was yesterday. Then it snowed yesterday afternoon and last night. It only snowed for about 4 hours. There is only about 2” on the ground (if that much!).


Today, Wednesday, is a SNOW DAY! Hooray for that! They called school last night. I slept until almost 9am. The Princess is still asleep; it’s almost 10am now. Smile  The drawback to this is that my county (where I work) has decided that we are having school this Saturday! I’m just hoping they allow us to wear jeans! Besides, I’ve seen the schedule, and it looks like we are going to go to school for 3 hours.  (If they are smart, they will let us have the last two classes of the day—the two classes we missed yesterday when we let out early)!!


We will see what happens tomorrow. The temps today are supposed to stay in the 20s to very low 30s.  Tonight will be in the TEENS again.  So, even without snow, we would probably have had a delay in the morning.  I’m just curious as to whether we will get to go to school tomorrow or not.  If not, I don’t know when we will make up that day!  (Hopefully not NEXT Saturday!  That would be TOO MANY days of school so close together—even for the teachers! lol Smile)


Today, I’m going to enjoy my Snow Day and try to get some more work done in the house.  It’s really crazy how much stuff three people can really have!  lol Smile

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Lynne said...

Wow, I've never heard of having school on Saturdays! My how times have changed! Hope they let you wear jeans, too. I am not liking this cold weather. We're to get a break this weekend...50s! Woot!