Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bring On the Countdowns

You all know I love a good countdown.  I countdown to Christmas, vacation, Friday, the end of the work day…. EVERYTHING!


Well, I think it is part of how I deal with stress.  When I am aggravated about something, being able to countdown to the end of it makes it easier! 


So….here are a few countdowns (some are fun/others not so much)! (Some are vaguely close to the real dates….they will get more specific as the time comes!)


5 days until I pick up about 1000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies

8 days until cookie booths start

9 days until my birthday

37 days until the Art Gala and Auction at the Princess’s school

~12 weeks until Spring Break starts (April 18th)

~12 weeks until Easter

~15 weeks until EOGs start for the Princess

~17 weeks until Memorial Day

~19 weeks until school is out!


I’m a little stressed out this year with all the stuff I am doing.  I haven’t been able to scrapbook with my DIVAS since Sept. or Oct. of last year.  I haven’t even been by to see them since then… I don’t think. 


Things are going nutso and I am too!


So….  let the countdowns continue so that I don’t lose my sanity in the process!

1 Comments from my friends:

Lynne said...

Wow you have a lot going on in your life...usually people say one day at a time, but in your case, I guess its one week at a time? lol Hang tough, you'll get er done!