Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy March

February has ended.  Here in NC, it ended with nice weather. March has started.  On Sunday, it was 70 degrees.  Yesterday started at 55, but by noon it was freezing.  Today is starting in the teens and will hopefully defrost during the day.


We had sleet and freezing rain last night.  I really thought we might get a delay this morning.  I guess not. Sad smile  I was hoping.  Sad smile I could have slept another 4-5 hours.


I picked up a writing job…30 articles.  I need to get those completed ASAP. 


We are in the MIDDLE of cookies.  The Princess isn’t close to her 2500 box goal yet. Sad smile  We are hoping she will still get 1000.  This year, for 1000 boxes, you get a free iPad mini.  She really wants it, but we shall see.  She’s still trying to sell cookies. 


The countdown is still on for everything around here.


Countdown updates:

11 days until the Art Gala and Auction at the Princess’s school (3.15)

~6 weeks and 3  weeks until Spring Break starts (April 18th)

~6 weeks until Easter

~12 weeks until EOGs start for the Princess

~12 weeks until Memorial Day

~14 weeks until school is out! (June 10th)—That’s exactly 14 weeks from today! 


I’m excited for the things that are coming up.  I’m really excited about Spring Break.  I hope to get a couple more writing jobs in so that I can make some money that week.  But, I want to get some sleep too.  (You all know how much I love my sleep!)

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