Thursday, March 13, 2014

Morbid Anniversary

Yesterday, I couldn’t get my Windows Live Writer to work.  I tried in the morning and last night.


Yesterday, March 12, was a morbid anniversary. On March 12, 1997, my Grandfather died….my mom’s dad.


I was a freshman at Appalachian State University. I was about 2 hours from home, and it was the first time I had ever been away from home that long. 


That morning, mom called to wake me up, as usual. I went to all my classes, but I couldn’t get ahold of mom during the day. It was before cell phones were so readily available, and not everyone had one.  So, I would use payphones on campus to call collect. I tried a million times—or so it seems.


As I was getting ready to head out to my concert band class for the night, my phone rang. My dad told me to come downstairs and let him in. When I got downstairs to let him in, I saw our pastor with him. I knew something was wrong because as soon as I saw mom’s face, I could tell she was crying. I asked what they were doing there, and Dad said, “Grandpa Edwards died this morning.” I collapsed into a ball on the floor.


They got me up and got me to the couch in the waiting room of my dorm.  Finally I could walk enough to get upstairs to my room. I told my roommate what was going on. She helped me write a list of all my professors so that she could contact them.  I packed some clothes. I left.


Yesterday was 17 years. It’s amazing that it was almost 1/2 my life ago. 


On a better note:

2 days until the Art Gala and Auction for the Princess’s school

26 days until Spring Break

11 weeks until Summer Break

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Lynne said...

I am so sorry for your pain and loss of your grandfather. My grandpa passed in 2004 and I still miss him to this day. God bless.