Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Countdown and Good News

As of today, there are only 24 days of school left for the kids. That means that I have 26 days of work left.




1. In February, my Principal told me that my job may be on the line. The class I currently teach is funded by a Federal grant that runs out in June. (There are 5 of me—one at each High school in the district. Each of us was in the same boat.) There was only one difference.  Each of the other teachers (at the other schools) had been hired as an English teacher. So, they had higher rank in their departments because I was hired FOR the grant position.  A couple of days before Spring Break, my Principal came to me to let me know that they added some sections for next year, and I get to keep my job.  It was awesome!


2. In March, Tony and I got a letter that we were going to owe $1600 to the IRS for something that was on our taxes in 2012. (YES! TWO years ago!) So, our tax lady (my awesome sister in law) did some research for us, did some paperwork for us, and found out that we actually owe them NOTHING! 


3. The Princess is 24 days away from being a MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT!  (OH MY! She’s getting old!)


4. We are planning our family vacation.  We are hoping to go to Gatlinburg for a week in July.


5. The Princess may be on 2 softball teams this summer. My brother is starting a travel (tournament) team with our other coach.  (So, we are pretty sure she’s on that team!) AND…. she tried out for the ALL STAR team at our rec league. Many of the same girls will be on both teams, but the rec league will control uniforms and playing locations for one team, and my brother will have a say in the other! Smile


6. This will need more explanation, but because so many children were affected, I will not give more explanation.  The day before Spring Break, the parents at my daughter’s school were notified that the Principal had “retired”. Please note that I volunteer at the school many hours, so I know more than the normal parent at the school.  I know (as did most of the parents) that she did not choose to “retire” with only 30 days of school left.  She was let go.  It was a good thing, but in some ways, the timing stunk.

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