Monday, August 4, 2014

I Did Not Fall Off the Face of the Earth!

Although I haven’t written anything in about 2 months here, I did not fall off the face of the earth. I have, however, sat at the computer wanting to write. Some days it just doesn’t happen. 


I have a writing job for the summer—$8/article and I can write at least 2 an hour. Smile  That’s more than I make teaching!  No!  I’m not kidding!  lol  (It’s sad!)


I get to go back to work in just a couple of weeks.  Actually…..  two weeks from today!  WOW!  Same school! More kids.  This year, I’m teaching regular Freshman English and Mythology.  I’ll have about 35 kids in each class!  (I know, right?!)


We went to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge on Vacation last month.  We took Mom and Dad with us!  We love going there. We went to a few shows.  Maybe… just maybe…. I’ll do a post about that! 


I am now a CRIMINAL MINDS fanatic!  I love this show!  I had never watched an entire episode because it wasn’t my beloved CSI!  But…. OMG!! I could totally be a profiler, except all the real blood and stuff……and all the being away from home.


The Princess has been playing softball all summer. She made the All Star team for our rec league. She also made a travel team…. many of the same girls on both.  Same coaches too.  We are probably going to be playing rec ball for the fall and traveling again starting in March!  (That’s scary with Girl Scout cookie booths in March!  lol) 


I am going through the process for weight loss surgery.  More on this later!  I’m sure I’ll have lots to say about this between now and when I have it!  I might have to have a page just for that! (Nope….can’t keep up with one….much less two!)


We went to the Sea Life Aquarium at Concord Mills Mall over the weekend.  It was crowded and ok.  I didn’t see what all the hoopla was about…. but…. I’m more into mountains and horses than water and fish anyways!  lol  It was cool, but not something we will do again and again!


We still have to plan our trip to  Tweetsie Railroad. The Princess got tickets from selling Girl Scout cookies again!  She fell in love the first time we went and this will be her FOURTH year in a row!  We will probably be there for Labor Day.  We might even steal my parents and take them up to Boone for the weekend! (They are mountain people too!)


I bought a Silhouette Cameo.  I still have to make room for it in my office so I can get it connected to my laptop, but I will get that done ASAP.  I’m excited about the things I can make for scrapbooking now! Smile  Plus…. I can do gifts from vinyl and stuff for teachers. Smile 


The Princess turns 11 on Aug. 18th! Yes, that IS two weeks from today!  Yes, it is the first time in her life that I have had to work on her birthday! No, we have no idea what we are doing for her party this year, but I’m guessing we have to figure it out SOON! Smile 



Ok…. I think that is enough for now.  WOW!  When you “fall off the face of the earth” you do a lot of stuff!

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Lynne said...

You certainly have had a fully loaded Summer! Funny we went through Pigeon Forge in our travels to TN. You can see the photos posted on my FB page. Unfortunately, it was the last day of our trip and with the rains coming the husband opted out of staying longer to sight see and so we headed home. It looked like a great place to take children and has just about everything for adults, too. My pastor and his family love pigeon forge.