Monday, July 18, 2016

Still Recovering

I still can not sit up without having a headache.  After spending Tuesday to Thursday in the hospital, I ended up back in the ER on Friday night. (I didn't get home from there until about 4am Saturday!)

I woke up feeling much better, but then after spending a couple hours at the church doing a yard sale and hot dog sale, Tony had to bring me back home. I got really ill again.

Sunday, I went to church but I should have stayed at home. :( I got really sick again.

Today, I have been in the bed all day. (I'm getting a little sore from being in the bed all the time!) But, the doctor called in a new medicine for me. Hopefully after a couple doses of it, I will be able to tell a difference. 

For now, I rest a lot and pray and hope that the headache goes away so I can get back to life as I know it..... you know... normal (or whatever that is!)!! 

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