Monday, August 29, 2016

A Few Answers.... Return to Normal

Today, I met with the Neuro-surgeon.

It turns out that the aneurysm behind my right eye is about 1mm. The one behind my left eye is about 3mm. At this time, the surgeon thinks surgery would do more harm than good.

In February, we will re-do all the scans/tests. Then, if they are the same, we wait 6 more months. If they have grown, then we discuss other options.

There is a chance that these aneurysms have been there for years and we only discovered them while the doctor was trying to diagnose a cause for my headaches.  BTW.... the aneurysms have NOTHING to do with the pain!!

I am allowed to return to normal....whatever that is.

Today, the Princess started 8th grade! (There's NO WAY that's possible!)

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get back in the gym!

1 Comments from my friends:

Lynne said...

((( Leslie ))) Prayers that God will work a miracle of healing in your life and strength. I've been thinking its time to get back to the gym too. You inspire!