Monday, August 15, 2016

Just Waiting....

After finding out last Monday that I have an aneurism behind my eye, I have been pretty calm and relaxed. That's mainly because my family is making me take it easy. :)

I still do not know when I am going in for my neuro-surgical consult. I called and left a message for the nurse to call me. She called and they are waiting for the referral to be approved.  I guess that means it's not an emergency situation!!!

Now.... I'm just waiting for lots of things to happen.

Thursday of this week, 8/18, is a big day.  My Princess is going to be 13!!  WOW!  A teenager!!  Also, on Thursday, we have the Concord-Kannapolis "Battle for the Bell" Game! (Supposedly it is the last year that the game will be the season opener!!) We are CONCORD all the way! Go Spiders!!

On Friday, the Princess starts softball try-outs for her 8th grade year! How did she get this old?

Monday through Wednesday, we have the Kidz Crusade at church. I'm hoping to get to go.

Saturday is the Princess's birthday party. Last year, she decided to donate things to charity instead of getting gifts for herself. Last year, she donated 15 boxes to Operation Christmas Child. (Her goal was 12 for 12 years!) This year, she's collecting canned goods/dried goods for a local food bank. She's hoping to get 13 boxes to take--again for 13 years!

Next week, we have Open House to find out who her teachers are.

On August 29, she is going to start 8th grade!  That's still crazy! She is supposed to take 3 high school classes this year!

She goes to school for a week, then we have Labor Day.

As much as I don't want to wish my life away...  I'm just waiting for things.... as usual, I'm counting down!! 

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Sues said...

Praying for extra calm as you wait for the consult!
Is the Bell Game going to go back to November next year?
Happy upcoming bday, C!