Tuesday, September 27, 2016

No More Middle School Softball

Yesterday, the Princess had her appointment with the Sports Medicine doctor. He did more X-rays. He said that the good news is that when her knee cap moved, it did not chip. If it had chipped, we would be scheduling surgery. He thinks that it's just severely bruised.

He also said that her knee cap moves too much. So.... he put her in a new immobilizer. This one HAS to go over her pants. It keeps her knee completely straight. But, the good news is that he took her off the crutches. She gets to actually walk now.

The worst part is that she's in 8th grade. It's her last year of middle school. She's in the new immobilizer for 2 weeks. We go back to the doctor on October 10th. If the doctor doesn't clear her for softball when we go back, her middle school softball career is over. They only have 2 more weeks of games. The first (and probably only) tournament game will be on Oct. 12. IF she gets cleared, she will be able to be in that game. If not, no more softball until 9th grade.

She also has to stay out of karate until the knee is better. She was really enjoying that. So, hopefully we can get the knee all fixed up and healed soon so she can get back to the things she loves.

Until now.... she can keep the knee straight, walk on it, and keep it up and iced as much as possible.

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