Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Wait is Over

For months now, we have all been waiting to see how the election would turn out. Now, the wait is over.

What do we do now?

Most of us will go on living our normal lives. Yes, there will be some changes. Yes, there will be new laws. Yes, there will be things we agree with and disagree with.

I'm not telling for whom I voted. Those close to me, who know my views and beliefs, know that answer.

Do I think that there would be problems or issues no matter how the election turned out? YES!!!

No one is perfect. If you are a Donald Trump fan, he's not perfect. There's no way he can do EVERYTHING he promised.  Even though he has a Republican House AND Senate, he will not get them to do everything he wants done.

On the other hand, if the shoe were on the other foot and Hillary Clinton had won, she wouldn't be able to do everything either. Even if Congress had been turned blue with her, they wouldn't agree on everything.

With that many people having to vote and agree, it's never going to be PERFECT.  Just remember that MY perfect is different than yours.

Most of my family prefers the beach with the sand and waves on a hot summer day.  I prefer the mountains.... any time of year. Let it snow, rain, or be sunny; I'm a mountain girl!!

Since nothing is ever completely perfect, we have the next four years (at least) to make the best of the what we have. If you are a Trump fan, you're excited and cheering right now. If you are Clinton fan, you are probably already looking for someone to beat him in four years.

But, as it has been suggested over and over again since Tuesday night (Wednesday morning), let's join together as the UNITED States. Let's work together to "Make America Great Again"!! Let's do what we have to do in order to make America the best country on the planet again!

Above all, whether you agree with the people in power over you or not, PRAY for them. All of them.  Not just the ones you like or voted for. Pray for the ones you don't like, also. There is an old saying to "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". The best way to keep anyone close is to pray for him/her.

Lift our nation up to God. He's the one in control anyways.


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