Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Shouldn't Be So Complicated

I remember as a child how much I loved Christmas. I remember loving parades and lights and Santa and gifts and family.

I remember as I got older how Christmas became more hectic. It seemed that the wonder I had as a child started to fade. I started to see the hustle and bustle. I started to feel the stress.

Now, as I sit here a little more than a week before Christmas, I have only purchased a few gifts (all for the Princess). I stress out because my Christmas village isn't up yet. I hate that part of my lights on my house aren't working. (I am thankful that Tony and my nephew, Dorion, put them out over Thanksgiving weekend for me.)

I don't really feel Christmas-y. I feel sad because I can't do all the things I want to do for others and for myself this Christmas. I worry because I know what the Princess wants for Christmas, and I'm afraid she'll be disappointed if it's not under the tree.

I wish I really still believed in Santa Claus and that he could fulfill all my Christmas wishes.

Christmas should not be this complicated.

It should be love and joy and peace.

It should be lights and snow (if you get that sort of thing where you live.... in NC, we don't get a lot of that!).

It should be family and friends.

It should be happiness and looking at that bright side.

It should be the story of Jesus and His love.

When did we let Christmas become so stressful and complicated?  When did we let it get to this?

Of course, this could just be in my head! It could be that I'm the only one who feels this way.

Every year, I say that 'next year will be different'. Then I don't change anything and I repeat the same feelings the following year.

Is your Christmas stressful or stress-free? Is your Christmas complex, complicated or completed under control?

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