Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Why You Should Check Your 13 Year Old's Backpack

As you all know, I have a 13 year old daughter.

Sometimes, she's a handful. Sometimes she seems to have everything together. Her grades are awesome. She has everything when she needs it, where she needs it.

Sometimes, she seems like she would lose her head if it wasn't attached. That has been our house the last couple of weeks. Last week, she forgot her Spanish notebook. Luckily for me, she remembered it (and yelled, "I don't have my Spanish notebook" and scared me to death) as we were pulling in to the school parking lot for drop off.

Then there was the lunchbox that we had to turn around to get. She remembered it before we got too far down the street.

Yesterday, it was her flashdrive, her pencil bag (one of those zipper bags that holds pens, pencils, markers...everything), and flash cards for Social Studies. So, I came home from dropping her off and rounded up all of her stuff and took it to school before I went to work at the daycare.

Today, well, today was headphones. A lot of the work in her classes is online. She actually has 3 Social Studies teachers on an A-B-C day rotation. On her "C" day rotation, she has her online day where they work in the online classroom.

Back to my topic of the day of "Why you should check your 13 year old's backpack"....

If you check the backpack, you can figure out the things that are missing BEFORE you leave the house! All of the missing items, except the lunchbox, could have been recovered and packed before leaving the house!

I have also learned that if I check out her backpack, I can find papers from teachers that I need to read. I can find a mess that she needs to organize (and we can take care of that)! I can find pens/pencils/markers that I haven't been able to find for a month! :) 

There are a lot of things to learn from checking your child's backpack.

I used to check the Princess's backpack every night when she was in elementary school. I guess until we get back to the "she's got everything together" phase again, I am going to be doing that again.

Backpacks are part of the educational experience. We need to help them to keep them together so they can be successful. 

Now.... I'm sure some of you thought that this was going to be a post about what I found in my daughter's backpack that wasn't supposed to be there. Not this time.....  but, I may be able to avoid that day if I keep a watchful eye on her bag on a regular basis!

Ok parents..... what's your reason for checking your child's backpack?

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Unknown said...

Oh I know your pain! And there are days I can't find my backpack... and there are days I look and tell them I don't have the extra gas to do all this extra running... Do they want you there or your backpack there! I know... But most of there things they keep at school.
Your favorite Hearse driver.