Friday, January 6, 2017

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

I live in NC! I live near Charlotte. 

Sometimes we get snow.  Sometimes we get ice. Sometimes we get rain. Sometimes we get nothing!

For the past week, the forecasters have been predicting snow. It's supposed to start late this evening and go into the morning tomorrow. Some say 2-4". Others say up to 6".

Me? I want as much snow as possible!  :)  I love snow! 

The only difference in this year and all the previous years is that I get cold now. Actually, I stay cold now. I wear hoodies and long pants all the time. I wrap up in blankets when I'm on the couch. I freeze often! 

I used to make fun of people who were cold all the time. My sister is one of them. I think I may still be warmer than her, but I'm cold all the time. That does NOT mean I don't want snow!!

Living in NC, people go nuts when they hear about snow! 

The hardware stores have lines of people getting ice melt, snow sleds, and shovels.

Grocery stores have people lined through the store waiting to check out with basics like milk, eggs, and bread. I guess if we get snowed in, we can all eat French toast and drink milk. Some people only get bread and milk.... they get to eat milk sandwiches.

I hope that we are going to get snow! I love to take pictures of everything covered in white! It's so shiny and beautiful! I guess that's because one day I would love to be a photographer.... of nature and people!  (I need to learn to watermark my photos and then I may post some of them here just to show what I have done with my current camera!!)

What do you like to do when it snows?

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