Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What a Difference a Day Makes

One day....

24 hours....

1440 minutes....

86400 seconds.....

No matter how you figure it, one day is not that long.

It really is amazing how so much can change in 24 hours.

About this time yesterday morning, my mom called me. The she was a little frantic on the other end of the line. The conversation went something like this....

Me: Hello

Mom: What are you doing?

Me: I'm at home. (Said because she called my cell and not my house phone)

Mom: I was on the phone with Lisa. She said she was in the middle of the road. I heard a noise. I yelled 'Lisa, Lisa,' and she didn't answer. Finally, she said, 'I've just been hit.' She was at a meeting for work at the DSS place on Cabarrus Avenue. You know where that is, right? And she was going to get food over by Big Lots. I don't know where she is for sure. Can you go find her?

Me: I'm gone! I'll call you back.

Then I grabbed my water and ran out the door. (I try to never leave home without my water and it was on the table right by me.)

Now.... go back and read what my mom said, but do it really quickly and without breathing. She said it all in ONE BREATH!! 

By the time I was half way to my sister, Mom had already called to say that Lisa didn't want me to come. That did NOT stop me. I went anyways. No matter how much I pick on her, she's still my baby sister!!

I got there.... the car is messed up and she is currently in a rental car, but she's fine and her kids were already at their respective schools for the day!

I helped her through the process of calling the insurance company, taking her car to the shop, and getting the rental.  Then I handed her a Starbucks gift card and told her to go get herself something.  :)

That was yesterday morning.

Last night, one of the other Children's Church teachers and I from church got together. We printed some of the upcoming lessons. We worked on the room a little bit. We organized. We planned the schedule and curriculum through most of the current year!  We had a few gaps, like holidays that we needed lessons for.

Today, I went to the website where we order our curriculum. The Easter and Mother's Day lessons I wanted were both FREE.  Plus I got 2 Valentine's lessons, 2 St. Patrick's Day lessons, and a Super Bowl Sunday lesson for FREE!!!!  I'm excited!  Now I need to play with the calendar and get that out to everyone involved!

I also got a message from the Pastor that our VBS has been approved!  We are going to do VBS this year!  I'm so excited!  Now.... I have to get started planning it!

We are also going to be doing 500 stockings for Christmas. They will have toiletries and personal items in them for adults.  Are we crazy?! Probably!  Is it possible?  DEFINITELY!  With GOD all things are possible!!  (I will have more information on this later! I will also give specific ways that you can help if you can!)

I got a call (a couple days ago--not today but still good!) that I can be part of the Praise and Worship Team at church. We are going to have rotating Sundays. That way I can do Children's Church and sing at the church! 

I truly is amazing the difference that a day can make! 

Each one of us can make a difference today.  What are you going to do today to make a difference?

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