Monday, March 27, 2017

Exciting Weekend

This weekend was pretty good.

Actually, I was so exhausted from the weekend that I took a TWO HOUR nap on Sunday!  (I haven't done that in a long time!)

Friday, I went to watch my nephew play in a high school baseball game. He is a sophomore, but he's pitching for the Varsity team this year!  YEP!  He's that good!  He even made the local paper for his work at the end of the game on Friday. You can check out the article here.

On Saturday, I taught the Sign Language badge at the Girl Scout Badge Bonanza. It's an event where the girls choose what badges they want to earn, and they can earn up to 4 in the day! It was fun!  I haven't done that in a couple of years!

Sunday, we had the VBS meeting at church. It went well. We had a good turn out for the first meeting. I'm still going to need more volunteers, but I think I will be able to get them.

After church, we met up with an old friend. She gave us some scrapbooking supplies for The Princess's Silver Award Project. The Princess is collecting scrapbooking supplies and then in August, she's going to host an event where people come to make the LifeBooks to present to the social workers and foster children in the county.

After meeting that friend, we went across town to meet someone else who had supplies for us.

Then we delivered the next to last set of cookies that we have to deliver!  Only one delivery and one mail order left before ALL Girl Scout cookies are out of my house for this year! :) 

Then we came home and I slept for two hours while Tony did some stuff for work on his computer and The Princess did some homework.

After I woke up, we watched the MOST EXCITING 5 minutes of basketball I've ever seen---the end of the UNC Chapel Hill vs Kentucky game. GO TARHEELS!!!  Carolina won with 0.3 seconds left on the clock.  It was crazy! 

Then is was grocery shopping, meal prep for breakfasts for the week, and getting ready for bed! 

Now I need another nap!!

What did you do this weekend? 

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