Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Special Day of Firsts

Today, there are a lot of FIRSTS happening in our household.

Just a few minutes ago, I dropped the Princess off for Transition Day at the high school. She is going to shadow a student around for a couple of classes. How is it possible that she's going to high school next year? (I guess I'm going to be asking THAT question all summer too, and in a couple years, I'll be asking how she's getting ready to graduate and go to college.)  This is ALL happening too fast.

But, today, she gets to spend time, for the first time, in an actual high school class. They are supposed to have a Pep Rally too.  That means she's going to get her first experience of a high school pep rally today!  That's a big deal! If they do the pep rally the way we did them in high school (same school!), it will be AWESOME!!

For me, my first today is that I'm going to be speaking at the Weight Loss Surgery Support Group tonight!  Yes!  That's tonight!  I can't believe it got here so fast! 

I still am not 100% sure what I'm going to say. I just know that I have to say something!  I have to talk about my weight loss journey for about 10 minutes.  I have notes started.  But, as always, I work best on the last minute.  I'll get something planned out before I get there..... or at least I hope I will.

I just can't believe everything that's changing around here!  Why does change have to be so fast?  :) 

What's changing in your world?  What FIRSTS are you facing?

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