Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I Wish...

There are a lot of things I want from life. Some of them, I am working toward. Some of them, I just dream about having/doing. Some of them are on my "Wish List".

If you go on or eBay, you can add things to your "Wish List". Naturally, I have lists on those... but some things just can't be bought.

Here's just part of my "Wish List":

I wish I could win the lottery (that I don't play)!

I wish I could DVR more than 2 shows at a time without having to pay more on my cable bill!

I wish I had enough money to help everyone who truly needs help.

I wish I could come up with the right idea to write a book.

I wish I could lose these last 12 pounds before I go to the doctor in June!!  (Personal choice, not doctor's decision)

I wish we could find The Princess a dress for her Me and My Guy event (for Girl Scouts) and her 8th grade semi-formal.  (One dress will work for both....but seriously, she's worse at making decisions than I am!)

I wish I could make decisions more quickly and then act on them.

I wish I had a "real" job. :)

I wish I didn't care what other people say/do. (If you want to know more about that read this post.)

I wish I could be a motivational speaker/writer.

I wish I could say what is on my mind without it having a negative effect on my family.  (Just so you know, my thoughts are not their thoughts.  I think--and speak--for myself!!)

I wish people would keep their promises/vows.

I wish people would stop hurting my family members with (about) stupid stuff!

I wish people would stop being FAKE!  If you have something to say, say it. If you want to say something to/about me--I'm right here! 

I wish I didn't have to have all these thoughts about negative stuff.

I wish I wasn't fighting with depression.

I wish we really could just have "World Peace" (like the beauty pageant contestants always wanted)!!

I wish we could just realize that we are all God's children. HE created us to be what HE wanted us to be. We need to stop putting each other down for it.

I wish I had the power to make everything in the world good.... so no one ever had to suffer.

Ok..... I wish for a lot of things; I told you that!

What do YOU wish for?  What's on your "wish list" that you can't get on Amazon or eBay?

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