Tuesday, May 30, 2017

NCHE Homeschool Conference

On Friday, Tony and I went to the NCHE Homeschool Conference.

Check out information about it here at THRIVE! 2017

We did not attend the sessions. After a lot of research, we decided to check out the Vendor Hall. I'm glad that we didn't try to do the classes too. My brain could NOT have handled it. After a few hours in the vendor hall, my brain was completely fried.

The vendors were set up in a HUGE hall. There were 232 spaces. Some of the vendors had 2-8 spaces for themselves. But... still.... that's A LOT of people! 

Before we went, I had done my research. I knew for SURE who I wanted to see. I knew some of the ones I wanted to check out just to be sure.

I had downloaded a map of the vendor hall and had highlighted the ones I wanted to check out.

By the time we got there, and started through the first row of vendors, I had put the map and my list in the backpack. We decided just to check out ALL the vendors. Some of them were NOT what I wanted.  So we didn't stay long. Some of them were things I thought we wouldn't like, BUT... I think we could use.

Now.... I have a different opinion of some of the curriculum items I had checked out online before the conference.

We did decide that IF we do homeschool this year, the Princess and I will go for the classes next year. They have some classes and lots of events for the kids. They even have a graduation for homeschool kids. 

This is still a HUGE decision to make. As it stands right now, we have about a month to make it and start getting everything together to make it happen.

Anyone want to weigh in on thoughts?

My brain is overwhelmed again.... on some things..... but on others, I'm thinking pretty clearly.

Anyone have ideas? Thoughts?  Ever made this decision for yourself and want to share your why/how of your decision?

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