Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I'm Getting Old

After a couple years of my knees hurting, I finally went back to the doctor today.

It's official.

I have arthritis in my knees. THANKS MOM! My mom has this also.  Apparently, this is hereditary. I have two (yes TWO) siblings.... she could have passed this to one of them.  NOPE... She passed it to me.

Her, my Grandma, had it. She had her knees replaced.

Mom has it. She NEEDS her knees replaced, but she keeps putting it off. She wants to wait until she retires, but we all know she's NEVER going to retire.  So, I'm not sure when she's going to have it done!

I have it. It's early. No knee replacement talk for me. (BUT... I'm guess I'm going to REALY get old one day and they will start talking about it!)

Anyways, today, I got Cortisone shots!

Do you know how bad those hurt????  REALLY BAD!

I cried.

After the doc finished my right knee, she asked if I still wanted the left one done. The RIGHT one, is the good one.  The LEFT one is the worst one.  YES!  I need the left one done!

So.... she froze my leg and shot it in.

I cried some more!

It hurts.

It really hurt!

So.... now, I'm hoping this works. There are more things they can do for me. But, I don't want any more shots.

The next option is a set of shots (once a week for 3 weeks). Mom has done this a few times. She said those shots hurt worse than the Cortisone. (I'm not sure I can handle that.... these hurt REALLY bad!)

BUT..... I'm getting old. So now I have to admit it. 

Arthritis! Hmmmmph!

How did you know you were getting old?  If you aren't old enough to be "getting old," what do you think the first sign will be??

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