Monday, July 10, 2017

A Different Anniversary

One year ago today.... just 365 days ago, I was lying in my bed and couldn't move.

I couldn't sit up because my head hurt too badly.

I couldn't eat because I couldn't keep anything down.

Tomorrow marks a year since I ended up in the hospital because of it.

I wish I could say that the headaches are gone.

They are NOT!

In all honesty, I missed church on Sunday because my head was hurting so badly that everything was spinning.

I have actually had a headache EVERY DAY for the past year. Some days, it's tolerable. Other days, I cry a lot.

I am so tired of it, that I finally called this morning and made an appointment at the doctor's office. I have no idea what she's going to do.... probably send me for the same tests I've had 5 times already.... but maybe they can figure it out.

My surgeon suggested, when I went in for my 2 year post-surgery visit there, that I ask my doctor about Botox.  That has shown some promise for migraines.  (But.... the question of all questions is if my insurance will cover it or not!)

A friend of mine suggested that I get some specific part of my ear pierced.  I haven't worn earrings since 2008..... the holes are still there.... but I'm not sure I want to get MORE holes in my head!  LOL (Besides, I work at a daycare where kids like to grab your hair and ears..... I don't need them pulled off!) (Another thing.... I HATE NEEDLES!!!) 

So.... today is the anniversary of the day I got really sick! 

I have NO intentions of being that sick ever again! 

I just thought it should be mentioned that although I'm better....some things never change. :) 

What anniversaries have you celebrated recently?

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